Listen to your inner voice…and let it happen

I’m not sure where I saved this quote from, but it appealed to me this morning – “The inner life of a human being is a vast and varied realm.” (Edward Hooper)

There’s probably a quote somewhere about the advice that we often hear being given to noisy and loud children to “use your inside voice”. Our inside (inner) voices are those that we use and listen to in our “inner life”; the vast and varied realm that happens inside our heads. You sometimes hear someone ask, “Did I just say that out loud?” They forgot to use their inner voice for the thoughts that they were having in their inner life and said them out loud.

Another quote that I saved, from the Jack’s Winning Words blog also seems to fit here – “Sometimes my feelings creep out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.”  (Sent by Jackie Beach)

Those times are times when some portion of your inner world gets out in public. Emotions are very big in the inner world and most of the time we try very hard not to let them get out so that others can see. Stifling emotions like anger and rage are probably good things, but it is important to let out our emotions like love or regret or sadness. Stifling them in the name of stoicism can lead to a cold, lonely existence.

Sometimes the inner you and the “you” that the public sees are in sync, especially in times of great fear. When your inner voice is crying out in fear, to whom do you turn? During those times another post from the Jack’s Winning Words blog from December 13, 2022,  seems most appropriate –

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”  (Psalm 56:3)  Some people scream or gasp when they’re frightened.  Some cross themselves.  Others reach out to hug someone.  A child will grab the hand of a parent.  Joan Baez sang, “Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.”  By that, she meant what the psalmist meant…“When I’m scared, I put my trust in the Lord.”  During life’s scary times, God’s hand is reaching out for yours.  Take it! 

Our inner life is the place from which we most often converse with God and the place where he most often answers us. We read in the Bible – The Lord knows all man’s thoughts (1 Chronicles 28:9). It just makes sense that God can also enter those thoughts to provide answers to our questions or encouragement and support in our times of fear or remorse.  We just need to listen for God’s quiet inner voice (some call it our conscience) and put our faith in what He tells us. Of course, it helps if we surrender to that advice by saying with our inner or outer voice, “Not my will but thy will be done.” For many the ritualistic act of praying provides the quiet break that they need in order to hear the inner voice of God.

So, take some time each day to pray and listen for and to your inner voice. Take God’s hand during that time and then let it happen.


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