Don’t just sit there…

I don’t remember where I saw this quote, but it rang true to me. “Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.”  (Herb Brooks)

Many people sit with their dreams, unable or unwilling to take the risks that may be required to achieve them. Perhaps they dream of getting a better job but are afraid to take the risk to leave the job that they have now. Maybe they have dreamed of asking a certain person our but are afraid of rejection. Maybe they have always dreamed about trying a particular sport or activity but hold back because of imagined failure or the possible risk of injury. Whatever the real or imagined risks involved, they just never try.

I suppose that there is a kind of comfort in just sitting there with one’s dreams instead of actually taking the risk to try to make them come true. Dreams can become like old friends and prove to be a sort of comforting refuge from the reality of their day-to-day world. That is especially true if the crushing weight of the mundane rules their real world. Dreams allow an escape from the repetitive sameness of a boring job or life.

But while just sitting there may provide a refuge it fails to provide any real reward. One might imagine the reward that awaits at the end of a dream but can only really experience it by accomplishing the dream. The dream is like the shadow of the person or the thing that is imagined- you can sort of see it, but you can’t touch it or hold it. You don’t really experience it; you just see it – in your dreams.

So, the key to today’s thought is that you must take the risks that you also imagine in order to turn your dream into a reality. Don’t just sit there with your dreams. Take the first step. Say hello to that person whom you ‘ve been dreaming of meeting. Fill out the job application for the job you’ve been dreaming of having. Try the beginner’s level of that sport or activity that you’ve dreamed of competing in to see if you really like it.

Many dreams involve launching yourself into them and provide no way to turn back. That’s OK because turning back is just another way of say failing. You’ve already “won” just by trying and things will never be the same again.

There is a law in physics that states that “a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tend to stay in motion.” Don’t just sit there at rest with your dreams; take the risk and become a body in motion. I think you’ll like being a body in motion a bit more.

Risk something. Chase your dreams!


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