Have no regrets…follow your heart.

There are few thigs in life that make you feel worse than regret for not having followed your heart and taken the risk of trying or of loving, even if you failed. Unrequited love feels painful, but it is a pain that comes after the euphoria of the attempt, after laying your soul bare and putting yourself out there on the line. Many times, that open and honest expression of love will be returned, even if not to the level that you may have desired.

The “coulda, woulda, shoulda’s” that result from not following your heart, not even trying, seem to linger much longer than the disappointment of rejection, of having tried and failed, whether in love or just in life. You can eventually reconcile with yourself for a failure, but there is no way to forgive yourself for a forfeiture – the failure to even try. The nagging question, “What if I had tried?” stays with you.

Following your heart will take you somewhere. Not following your heart just leave you sitting there wondering what might have happened and regretting not having tried.

So, today’s lesson, or advice, is to listen to your heart and give it a go.  That is not to say to do stupid and dangerous things. Intelligence must be applied to everything that you might contemplate doing; however, especially in the case of relationships and maybe love, don’t let the fear of failure stop you from even trying. There is a sense of accomplishment to be found even in failure for having tried. “I did it. I tried.”, even while experiencing the pain of failure, it is more satisfying than wallowing in the regret, “I wish I had …”

Follow your heart.


One Response to Have no regrets…follow your heart.

  1. John Freed says:

    Maybe I’ve made the right choices, but I feel no regrets.

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