Another year…another Halloween

For whatever reason that I cannot fathom, each year Halloween seems to be the day that serves to mark the passing of another year for me. It has been a very cold night for the past few years, although not so much tonight, if the weather holds to the forecast.

Halloween is the night when kids dress up and pretend that they are their favorite adult heroes (real or imagined) and when adults can dress up and pretend that they are children again. It has become the second biggest retail event of the year after Christmas, with candy, costumes and home decorations raking in millions of dollars.

And, while we still have all of the scary skeletons, ghosts and ghouls decorating our homes, Halloween has shifted from a scary night into a fun night for most. Casper the Friendly Ghost and Scooby Do grace as many lawns as Frankenstein these days. That’s a good thing. We certainly have enough scary stuff going on in the world with hunger, homelessness, pandemics and wars going on. We need a little comic relief and a good laugh.

I’ve even noticed over the last few Halloweens that the traditional greeting from kids of “Trick or Treat” is usually followed by “Happy Halloween.” That’s a good thing, too.

So, tonight I’ll mark another year handing out candy and saying Happy Halloween to our little visitors. None of us will be afraid tonight. What’s really frightening is what’s coming next week on November 8th. One has only to watch the constant negative TV ads to become very scared. It would seem from the ads that no matter which candidate we vote far we will be electing lying, cheating and dishonest scumbags who will lead us into oblivion. Now that’s scary. Maybe we should write in Scooby Do for some of those political positions.

Have a Happy Halloween!


One Response to Another year…another Halloween

  1. John Freed says:

    More and more parents take carloads of kids to rich neighborhoods where handouts are better, kipping places where the houses are fap apart. We had NO trick or treaters this year.

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