Make a difference today!

You can add that it’s not who you know to the statement above. I am a reasonably educated person and I know quite a few people, some of importance, but most just ordinary people like me. Neither of those facts causes anything to happen to make any difference. Knowing that something is wrong and doing nothing to correct it makes no difference. Knowing that someone needs help but passing by on the other side and doing nothing to help, makes no difference. Walking past that trash on the ground, but not stopping to pick it up, makes no difference. Observing bullying or the berating treatment of others without acting to intercede makes no difference. Sitting and watching the plight of others on the news without acting to help in some way, makes no difference.

In all those examples above you know that something is not right, but if you fail to act nothing happens. Perhaps you try to rationalize your inaction with the thought that your little contribution to a disaster relief effort is inconsequential. What if everyone thought that way? Nothing would happen. Rather think of your $1 or $20 contribution as being what bought a person in need a blanket or a meal. By doing what you did some small measure of relief was brought to someone’s life. You won’t ever know what that small measure of relief is, but you can feel good about it anyway – you took action and that made a difference.

Feeling empathy with victims of disaster or people in need is the right reaction; however, taking action to act upon that empathy is the correct reaction. Make a difference today. Do something!

One Response to Make a difference today!

  1. John Freed says:

    Each of us (and that includes YOU) has been made extra-ordinary by God. There is no one in the whole wide word just like Norm Werner.

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