Be a leader…get out front

I saved a quote that I saw on-line recently because I thought that it deserved comment here.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  (John C. Maxwell)

We see or run across people purporting  to be leaders in various aspects of life every day, from so-called political leaders to business leaders to religious leaders. Not all of them meet all three criteria that Maxwell used to define true leaders in his quote.

Some actually don’t know the way – the right thing to do – but they urge people on in the wrong direction anyway. Many conspiracy theories originate from people like that; however, some originate from people who do know the right way but point others in a different direction because that serves their purposes better.

Some know the right way but don’t go that way because of fears or because the right way appears to be too hard. Fear of failure often prevents the attempt by these people. Others are overwhelmed by life’s challenges and prefer to withdraw rather than meet those challenges.

A few actually know the way and go the way, but selfishly keep it to themselves. They are the “I got mine, get your own crowd.”

True leaders, whether it be in business, politics or religion, get out front because they know the way and have gone the way and then they reach back to show others that same way.

Be a leader. Get out front and show others the way. The way to what? If you are happy, share that happiness and show others how they can be happy, too.

Christians were shown the way by Christ and were given the task of spreading the good news and showing the way to salvation. One does not have to stand on a soap box on a street corner preaching to passers-by in order to show the way. You know the way. Live your life in that way and you will be showing the way to others.

Be a leader. Get out front.

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