When NOT to see or hear…

I saved this quote from the Jack’s Winning Words blog because it seemed to be good advice for life – “If thou be a master, be sometimes blind; if a servant, sometimes deaf.”  (Thomas Fuller) 

As I thought about it, one can substitute the word employer for master and employee for servant and it makes sense in the modern world. It also makes sense when discussing marriages (substitute the words husband and wife on either end as appropriate).

It also brought to mind another quote that I saved from Jack’s blog – “Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.”  (Unknown)

There are many times in life when the wisest course of action (or reaction) during the events of the day is to overlook something or pretend that you didn’t hear something. That can be true in the workplace or with friends. It is especially true in marriages. One of the more subtle but damaging forms of domestic abuse occurs if one of the spouses is always critical of the other. Marriage is a partnership, not a master/servant relationship. As such the partners need to find ways to be supportive of each other and not critical.

In all cases, it is always better to stop and think before speaking (recall the old saw – engage your brain before starting your mouth). And, since you can’t un-hear something that might have been said to you, at least stop and think before you reply or even consider if you need to reply at all.

So whatever role you are in, heed Fuller’s advice and be willing to sometime overlook some things or pretend not to hear some things. Maybe saying that little prayer each morning asking the Lord for help with you mouth will help. If it at least makes you stop and think, before blurting out something that you’ll regret later it is a good thing.

Have a great weekend reflecting on the things that you didn’t say or hear. Be sure to thank God for giving you a hand (over your mouth).

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