Size doesn’t matter…

A recent post to the Jack’s Winning Words blog used this quote – “The size of your audience doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that your audience is listening.”  (Randy Pausch)

Pastor Freed went on to write about a funeral at which he had been called upon to deliver the eulogy. When he got there, there was no one in attendance so he ended up delivering the eulogy to an empty room. He found comfort in knowing that God was listening that day.

I think blogging is somewhat like that. I never know who is out there reading this blog or how big the audience is on any particular day. I have a few followers who let me know almost every day that they read what I wrote and that they liked it. I am also astounded (although I suppose one should not be astounded by anything these days) by where many of the comments or likes come from. Much of my audience seems to be in Eastern Europe or the Middle and Far East.

Some bloggers go to great lengths to attract and measure their audience, many because they have monetized their blogs. I investigated taking that step but decided against it. I just don’t want to feel any sense of obligation to write for reasons of earning money. I watched several early blogging sites for real estate decline into uselessness because the members became more concerned about their ratings than what they were actually saying. Any time you set up measurements of success based upon things like the number of followers there will be many who will “game the system” in order to “win”.  

So, to me, the size of my audience doesn’t matter. What matters is that occasionally I will get a like or a comment from someone who found the remarks that I made helpful in their life. I try to stay positive in my writing and although I present it as a faith-based blog, I do not try to shove my faith in the face of the readers. One must, I believe, also provide the basis for whatever advice or life experiences are being shared. The basis for many of my comments and advice has been and will continue to be the impact of my faith on my life and the decisions (and mistakes) that I’ve made.

So, if you are out there, somewhere in the world and enjoy reading this blog or find it to be helpful in your life, let me know with a like or a comment every now and then. Even if you don’t, I’ll be like Pastor Freed at that funeral; I’ll know that God is listening.

Have a great weekend.

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