Lighten up and waste some time…

I saw this little quote on a web site recently and thought how appropriate for a weekend post – Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. – Marthe Troly-Curtin

Very few of us have time to waste during the work week; life has just become too fast-paced for that. All too many of us don’t use the weekend to slow down and maybe enjoy wasting a little time. We fill the weekends getting stuff done that we didn’t have time for during the week or we turn our weekend sports activities into competitions that are anything but relaxing.

Sometimes you just have to lighten life up and waste some time doing something that is not meeting some goal or winning some competition, something that you just enjoy doing. Non-competitive sports, activities or hobbies can provide those opportunities. There are many sports that are individual in nature, rather than being team oriented and most of them can provide that solitary thought time that may seem time wasting to others, but which is actually an enjoyable and essential component of participating in the hobby or sport.

Most hobbies are very oriented towards the individual and some even require that you get off by yourself in order to participant in them. Many hobbies and spots require what I call “fixin to” time – time spent before hand to plan what you are thinking about doing. I often tell my wife when she asks what I’m doing , that I’m “fixin to ” get started on something. She understands.

For many women and some men the activity of going shopping is the thing that they enjoy, sometimes even more that actually finding and buying the item that they might have been shopping for in the first place. Men tend to be too task and goal oriented to enjoy eh process on shopping. They just want to find and buy what they came for without wasting time. For many women shopping is not wasting time, it is an enjoyable pastime. For many men, taking care of a favorite car may provide them with hours of enjoyable time spent that their wives may see as a waste of that time.

The real point is that you need to have those things in your life to spend time on without necessarily having a goal in mind or a set timetable. These are the things that you just enjoy doing, no matter how long it takes you. The best hobbies and sports are those that allow you to learn and grow in skills and capability the more time that you spend on them. You will always be challenged to get to the next level in them and that only adds to the enjoyment of them.

So, lighten up. Find the individual activity, sport or hobby that you can enjoy spending time doing, without the pressure of competition. You will find that you are really competing only with yourself, to set new personal bests or reach that next level and you will find that you enjoy wasting time doing it because it is not really time wasted at all. It is time that you spend with yourself and we all need to make some time for that.

Now, where did I put my new welding helmet? I bought a hobby welder and I’m “fixin to” learn how to weld.

One Response to Lighten up and waste some time…

  1. John Freed says:

    What determines whether or not time is wasted?

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