Wander your Wonders…

Travelocity has a new ad campaign out based on the theme “Wander wisely”. But how does one wander wisely through life? I suggest that you should “wander your wonders”.  Rather than wandering aimlessly through life, seize upon the things that you wonder about and use them as motivation and a guide.

Do you wonder what a specific place is like or even a whole country? Find out. Go there and wander about. Do you wonder if you would like a specific restaurant or maybe a food type? Go there to eat, or go to a restaurant that specializes in that type of food, and wander through the items on their menu. Do you wonder what someone that you just encountered is like? Find out. Engage them in conversation and wander through their mind.

Some may say that this is just another way to say, “Follow your dreams”, and I’m OK with that as a part of this. Dreams are just another form of wondering. The point may be that following up on thing that you wonder about is different than just wandering about aimlessly. You are learning as you wander when you pursue the answers to your wonders.

Perhaps life is nothing but a journey of wandering to answer our wonders. There are those who wander about for their whole life trying to answer their wonder about why they are here. They wonder about the meaning or purpose of their life? Other, less philosophical people, focus on the more mundane or routine issues of life like wondering how they will making a living and provide for their family.

We all wonder about things and many of us wander about through life.  So, why not put the two together and wander our wonders? I wonder why not?

Excuse me while I wander away thinking about that.

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