Be a better person today…Serve others

Today is national Waitperson Day, a day to give a special thanks (and tip) to your waitperson, attendant  or barista. Pastor Freed used this quote in his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, today – “I really believe that waiting tables makes you a better person.”  (Judy Greer)

In that post he also had another piece of advice from a restaurant worker – “It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, you can still be a servant and make someone’s life better.”

There is a lot in that second piece of advice that is rooted in the teachings of Christ – serving others and making their life better. There is purpose in service to others and a rewarding feeling of accomplishment if something that you do makes someone else’s life better.

There is also a rewarding sense of accomplishment in realizing the advice of Abraham Lincoln from an earlier post to Jack’s blog – “Whatever you decide to be, be a good one.”

When you put the first and last quotes together in your mind it is evident that waiting tables in itself is not what makes you a better person so much as doing so with the attitude that you are going to be the best waitperson that you can be and make someone else’s life better because of it.  Waiting tables just happens to be one of the entry-level jobs that many people take up to get started as productive members of society. It also is a great proving ground for developing life skills that one needs to be successful later in life.

I’ve posted her in the past about an annual Lenten Soup Supper that my church hosts and how I find great satisfaction from serving in the role of a busboy during that event. I’m not sure that I would want to do that for a living, but for that one night of the year I find joy in serving others to make their soup supper experience the best that it can be.

One doesn’t have to become a busboy or waitperson to find satisfaction on serving others. There are lots of volunteer positions in any community that provide opportunities to be of service to others. There are meals to be packed and delivered to shut-ins. There are shelves to be stocked at the local food bank. There are beds to be made and cleaning to be done at local shelters. There are items of clothing to be sorted and racked at the local Goodwill store. There are local museums and art centers and other community volunteer groups that are always looking for volunteers.

So, if you generalize the opening quote to read, “I believe that serving others makes you a better person”, there is no shortage of opportunity to serve others.

Whether at work or in a volunteer role, whatever you decide to be, be a good one. Find ways to serve others and be a better person today. And if you get the chance today. leave a bigger tip for your waitperson.

One Response to Be a better person today…Serve others

  1. John Freed says:

    Thanks for always coming up with something that helps cement the idea behind my WWs. BTW, I got my enhanced ID at the Secy of State office in Highland yesterday….a very nice place and cordial employees.

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