What fountain are you drinking from?

In his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, today, Paster Freed used this quote – “Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge; others just gargle.”  (Robert Anthony)

The today’s world of rampant misinformation and even disinformation, there are other fountains to drink from and many have chosen those founts of “knowledge”.

It is disturbing to think that there are forces (nations) at work trying to feed us bad information and conspiracy theories as a means of causing confusion and chaos, thus weakening us as an adversary. Yet sufficient evidence exists that Russia, China and Iran, just to name a few, have state sponsored disinformation campaigns under way all of the time aimed primarily at the United States. Their constant efforts at fomenting unrest have been more successful than they probably hoped and more effective than we may have believed was possible.

These disinformation spreaders have even succeeded recently is stirring up trouble for the very people who have dedicated themselves to the truth – the fact checkers. The fact that they can have their toadies in America proposing laws that would hinder the efforts to check for the truth is truly disturbing, yet we have bills being introduced in our own state legislature designed to make checking on the fact and presenting the truth harder. It is ironic that the argument for these laws is that facts interfere with the “rights” of the spreaders of misinformation to free speech – to be free to spread lies without being confronted with the truth. Yet that is the defense of their actions. Those same people would stifle or hinder the rights of the fact checkers to refute those lies.

But, back to us. What fountain do you drink from? Do you drink in deeply from the fountain of knowledge, seeking to understand and assimilate knew knowledge and add it to your store of wisdom? Or maybe you just gargle with new knowledge, content to have a temporary insight and then spit it out, essentially learning nothing from it. It is interesting that the very things that put instant knowledge at our fingertips, like the internet, social media and Google, also encourage us to accept knowledge in sound bites and short TikTok videos (or maybe Tweets) and then discard them without further thought or consideration about where they fit in our life’s storehouse of knowledge. Those quick tidbits of “knowledge” do not become wisdom because they are gone before they can be evaluated and find their proper place in our minds. We are quickly on to the next shiny new Tweet or post.

Pastor Freed mentioned in his blog post that he believes that he was just gargling with knowledge before he made the connection between religion and philosophy while in college. I, too, remember that college was the place where I first started having a deeper understanding of things and began drinking in knowledge rather than just gargling with it. Do you remember when that happened in your life? Perhaps you are still awaiting that “Aha” moment. In that moment, the taste from the fountains of misinformation and disinformation will turn bitter in your mouth and seeking the truth, so that you can add it to your knowledge will become a life goal.

Before you start out today and this week, take a moment to visit one of the best fountains of knowledge – the Bible. In it you will find the answers to many of the questions that may have been bothering you and some good advice on living. The information and knowledge that you find there provide a good foundation upon which to build the wisdom that will serve you well in life. It will also equip you to deal with the Devil and his minions in the disinformation world and allow you to better know the truth when you see it.  In the Bible we read –

“See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.” (Colossians 2:8)

What fountain are you drinking from? Try drinking in the knowledge from the Bible first and much of the rest will fall into place.

One Response to What fountain are you drinking from?

  1. John Freed says:

    Discernment is an interesting word. But I guess discernment is effective, depending on what we hear and read…and the teachers we’ve had.

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