Impossible is a state of mind…

“Impossible is potential.  Impossible is temporary.  Impossible is nothing.”  (Muhammad Ali) That was the quote in today’s installment to the Jack’s Winning Words blog. Pastor Freed when on to write about all things being possible for God.

I think that what Muhammad Ali was referencing was more along the lines of the headline for this post – that impossible is a state of mind and not an absolute. Impossible just means that you don’t see how it can be done, yet.

Our minds serve to empower us, but sometimes they hold us back, due to our limited imagination. Things become impossible because we can’t imagine them being possible.

I’ve written about a little trick with the word impossible before, but it bears repeating. If you just move the first two letters one space away from the rest of the word and insert an apostrophe between them, the word impossible becomes the statement “I’m possible”.

It was once impossible to conceive of a man walking on the surface of the moon, yet today we know that it is possible. Getting from Europe to Asia without going around Cape Horn was once thought to be impossible, yet today we have the Suez Canal which makes that possible. And joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – impossible. Hello, Panama Canal.

Things that were impossible were made possible by someone having the imagination to fuel the thought “What if?” Asking “What if” challenges the impossible by exploring new alternatives and refusing to be stopped by “conventional wisdom”.

The same is true in our everyday lives. We limit ourselves by defining things to be impossible – a job, a date, a new house, whatever. We don’t allow our minds to imagine it being possible. We don’t ask, “What if?” Or maybe, every time we ask what if, our imagination quickly goes negative, and we only imagine bad outcomes. We can be like mimes, stuck in an imaginary box of our own making.

We would be much poorer, indeed, if people like Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs, had let negative thoughts and even early failure stop them from imagining that the things that they wanted to do were possible.

So, rather than give up your hopes and dreams as being impossible; let you imagination loose and start asking “What if?” Take your huge dream, that seems so impossible all at once, and break it down to smaller steps that you can imagine accomplishing one at a t time. I don’t imagine that the first shovel of dirt dug out of the path of the Suez Canal (or the Panama Canal for that matter) was a big thing, but shovel after shovel turned the impossible into, I’m possible.

Figure out what step you can accomplish today towards making your dream a reality. Look at that little step and say, “I’m possible”, and get it done. Step after step, day after day, you will be on your way to making your impossible dream a reality. Impossible is a state of mind and you’ve changed your mind on it. You are now thinking “I’m making it possible.”

If you need a little help getting into that positive frame of mind, just ask for it in your prayers. Once you have God on your side it is easier to imagine that all things are possible (especially for GOD).

Have a great day and a week full of possibilities. Make I’m possible out of your impossible.

One Response to Impossible is a state of mind…

  1. John Freed says:

    Good insight….Thanks.

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