Don’t make it a problem…

In today’s post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Pastor Freed used this quote – “A problem isn’t a problem until it actually happens.”  (Julie A Ross & Judy Corcoran) 

I thought about that and decided that one could also say that “A problem isn’t a problem until you make it one.”

Things that haven’t actually happened yet (and in many cases aren’t likely to happen) become problems in our minds when we let our imaginations run away with us and present all sorts of possible bad outcomes to think about. If living a long time has taught me nothing else, it is that things never turn out as bad as we imagine that they could. Yes, some bad things end up happening, but not to the disastrous degree that our imaginations conjured up as we fretted about them.

How many of us have spent a restless night before the day that we planned to ask someone out? We toss and turn imagining all of the ways that we could be rejected. Or, perhaps, we can’t sleep the night before the big game because we are imagining al of the things that could go wrong or bad things that we might do to cost the team a win. Perhaps tomorrow is the day you plan to ask the boss for that raise and now your mind is racing with all of the ways that you could be rejected or worse.

Most sports professionals use a technique called visualization to mentally rehearse before a shot or an event. They visualize how success will look. They “see” the ball going over the fence in baseball or perhaps landing gently on the green and rolling towards the cup in golf. They do not visualize failure, and neither should you. Instead, take the event that is at hand an visualize how you will be successful. Practice the things that you might say or do and “see” a successful response or outcome.

By visualizing a positive outcome ahead of time, you will go into the event in a positive frame of mind. It may help you to take a positive approach if you also visualize that God is with you, standing next to you as you go through the event. After all, we know that “If God is with us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

So let your imagination run with that scenario for a while. Imagine that you are standing there with God physically at your side. Doesn’t that build confidence? Don’t you feel a little more comfortable with the thought “We’ve got this”? Now, let the scenario play out in your mind and “see” the positive outcome. You might be amazed that, no matter which way things go, you have already won. You see – A problem isn’t a problem, if you have God on your side.

Start each day by visualizing God being with you and you will have a great, problem-free day.

2 Responses to Don’t make it a problem…

  1. Dorian Grey says:

    I would also say… To not worry about any outcome positive or negative. Just focus on the fact that tomorrow is unknown but “as you said, if God is for us, who can stand against us” that whatever situation comes up. You can rely on God to get you through it and learn from it.

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