Dance to a different tune…

In his post today to the Jack’s Winning Words blog Pastor Freed used this quote – “Starting over again is like dancing with the devil.”  (Demi Lovato) 

Freed wrote that Lovato was referencing her own fight with drug addiction. Most of us I doubt have had to deal with addictions, but all of us have experienced life’s setbacks, disappointments and lapses in judgement from which we’ve had to recover. Although we tend to associate the word addiction with drugs, alcoholism is a much more common addiction that is much more prevalent in our society.

Freed also wrote that a tune that pops into his mind whenever a dance with the devil is at hand are the lyrics to the song  “One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus” by written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson and first recorded by American Country singer Marilyn Sellars in 1974.

Two critical keys to recovery from many of life’s setbacks are faith and taking things one day at a time. Faith helps us forgive ourselves for the past and trust God that there will be a tomorrow; and, taking that future in small incremental steps (one day at a time) keeps us from being overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of it all.

The devil holds out many bright and shiny things and plays many catchy tunes, to which he invites us to dance. That is especially true for those working to recover from an earlier dance with the devil, such as addiction or alcoholism.

When you are tempted by the devil to dance to one of his tunes, keep the tune that Freed uses in mind. Both the song and the dance partner are different and the result at the end of the dance is certainly not the same. Here is a version of the song by Merle Haggard.

Maybe you can mentally play that song in your mind as you pause for morning prayers and let it remind you that today is another day in that one day at a time journey back from whatever you have experienced in the past. Ask for God’s help to put one more day behind you and look ahead to one more day in your recovery.

Just tell the Devil “No thank you” when he asks you to dance again. Tell him that your dance card is filled, with Jesus as your partner.

Today is going to be another good day on your journey back, one day at a time.

One Response to Dance to a different tune…

  1. Loved it , am trying to give up alcohol – this is really helpful

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