Your life does not depend upon it…

In today’s post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Pastor Freed used this quote – “I don’t  know how to be on Facebook if my life depended on it.”  (Sarah Jessica Parker) 

Freed went on to admit to not being very knowledgeable about Facebook and how to post there  and lamented that he feels somewhat like he and Sarah Jessica Parker are on a sinking ship because of that.

I do post to Facebook. In fact this blog forwards to Facebook as a post. I also have a business page there for my real estate business; however, I don’t consider myself to be a Facebook expert user. I belong to several groups, follow a few people on Facebook and I’m followed by some. I have learned just what I need to know to get things posted there and nothing else. I do check on Facebook a couple of times a day to see what might have been posted by the groups or people that I follow.

Certainly, my life doesn’t depend on Facebook and being active there, but I know some people who seem to live through their Facebook posts and readings. I am more wont to say that my life depends upon what’s on my phone than anything, since my calendar. emails and contacts list lives there. Others that I know are very active on Instagram, Twitter or maybe TicTok and other social media platforms.

 There are even people who make their living on these platforms. They are called influencers, and lest you scoff at that, many of these people make six-figure incomes by posting opinions about things on various social media platforms. In a way, their lives do depend upon Facebook or whatever platform that are a star on.

For most of us though, being on Facebook is just a diversion. It may become an obsession for some and for some it can become ruinous, if they descend into Facebook stalking or malicious posting. Pastor Freed commented on the uncivil posts that are often on these sites and he is correct. The anonymity that they afford the posters encourages poor judgement and behavior in many. One should think Biblically when posting to these sites – “Post about others as you would have them post about you.”

There is a popular saying, “I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.” Unfortunately many of these social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, have become the primary way that some groups spread false information and conspiracy theories. It is wise to read posts on social media sites with a large grain of salt and skepticism.

While the posts to these site will be there forever (unless they are taken down by the site owners) the good news is that all otf them use some form of push-down scrolling, so any post has a relatively short life-span on the initial page that you encounter. Your casual and maybe hurtful remark will only enjoy a short time in the limelight before it is pushed down and off the screen.

So, how about you? Are you a big Facebook user? Does your life revolve around it or some other social media platform? Are you what is called a “lurker”, just hanging around those sites to see what others are doing or do you actively post about yourself and your day? Why? Do you really think others want or need to know about your breakfast or your trip to the gym this morning?  Do you maybe get paid as an “influencer”?

Life does not depend upon what we read or post to social media platforms. In fact, taking the time to post all of the things that you may have done just takes that much time away from actually living your life. Use that time to do good things that people take note of because you did them and not because you posted about them. Treat your life like it is on Facebook Live, because it actually is live and the “followers” who  are watching you are those all around you. See if you can get a “Like” from those you encounter today. Your life is more dependent on those likes than on Facebook likes.

Have a great “live” day, today.

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