Dare to be great…

A recent quote from the Jack’s Winning Words blog inspired me to think about how one can move their life from good to great – “A great person does work that is useful to mankind and makes people happy.”  (Urban Dictionary) 

Most of us probably think of someone in particular when we heard the phrase “he/she was a great person.” Some may think of an influential politician of our time or maybe a famous movie or sports star. Maybe a teacher or pastor who had great influence on your life comes to mind. For many it is a parent, grandparent or other relative that pops into mind. Initially it might be that they made you happy that brings them to mind, but what about the part about doing work that is useful to mankind? I submit that their work to improve your life and set you on the right path in life was their contribution to mankind. You are the product of the useful work that they did.

Now, consider what you can do yourself to be considered to be great. The keys to accomplishing greatness are in the doing of useful work for mankind and in making people happy. One does not get to be considered to be great by just sitting around wishing for greatness. You must do things and those things should benefit others and, ultimately, make them happy.

But what can you do as an individual to benefit mankind and make people happy?

Nothing makes the lonely and hungry elderly person happier than when the Meals-on-Wheels driver shows up with their meal. They not only get to eat, but they also have someone to talk with for a few moments. Ask them how great that delivery driver is and they will tell you. And what of those back at the headquarters sorting and packing the meals for hours? Are they not dong useful work for mankind? They can only imagine the gratitude of he recipients, but they feel the happiness, too. Greatness is often accomplished in the background.

Does not the worker standing there ringing the Salvation Army bell by his kettle not bring a smile to your face? It’s because you know that your contribution to his kettle will make someone, somewhere happy and that makes you happy, too. You’ll never meet the person that you contribution makes happy, but you know that it will and that makes you great.

We are told in the Bible that we are saved by grace and not by our works; however, the things that we do to better mankind and make others happy directly reflects the love of God working through us – “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  (Matthew 5:16)

There is a little saying that is used on T-shirts and elsewhere as inspiration – God’s Work Your Hands. But, that is really true. God works through us and it is in doing His work that we can achieve greatness, not for ourselves, but for God.

So, dare to do things that better mankind and make others happy. You need not be a powerful or famous person to the little things in life that make a difference to others. Be useful today. Look for a need in your community and fill it. Reach out and volunteer.

God has got work for you to do that is useful and which will make people happy.

Dare to be great today!

One Response to Dare to be great…

  1. John Freed says:

    When I think of GREAT people in the Church, I think of you, Norm. During this pandemic, you are making things happen. Evengbefore Covid, you were there encouiraqging thye members of thew Church to reach out. Thank you for all that you are doing and for all that you have done.

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