Be fearless today…

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.” (John 4:18)

The love referred to is this passage I believe is that mutual love between God and man. Those who love God receive God’s love in return and that love drives fear from our lives.

While the passage from John uses the word “punishment”, it is really the fear of death that the love of God drives out of our lives, because we know that Jesus overcome death for all of those who believe in Him. Once one conquers the fear of death, everything else that we might fear is put into perspective and we can become fearless. Once you trust in God to overcome death, how can you not believe in Him to help you with any of your other fears?

This is not to say that believing in God means that those things in your life that you might fear won’t happen; rather, that God will also be there with you as you face those fears. If you believe in Him, He will give you the strength to persevere and overcome those fears.

Being fearless due to your faith does not mean being reckless or stupid about what you do. One doesn’t jump off a tall building and say on the way down, “God will protect me.” A part of being fearless is making good decisions; decisions that are not based solely upon fear. Perhaps one should add to their morning prayers this request: “God help me make good decisions today by taking fear out of my life and replacing it with trust in You.”

In many of the computer games that are so popular there are things in the game that one may find to recharge or restore an injured character. These are sometimes called Golden Apples. In the games you can see the character’s strength restored, sometimes with a little on-screen strength meter. In our regular lives, touching base with God is our Golden Apple.

So, start today and each day by touching base with God and re-charging your faith. You’ll see your fearlessness meter go up when you do and you’ll be ready to face whatever the day throws at you.  

Love God and remember, “There is no fear in love.”

Be fearless today!

3 Responses to Be fearless today…

  1. John Freed says:

    I appreciate your blog…and it’s intereting to see the subjects that you choose. What major did you have in college?

  2. Norman W. Werner says:

    I was a Communications Major and earned a BS degree in Radio and TV

  3. […] Yesterday I posted here about being fearless by accepting God into your life. That post focused upon overcoming other fears in your life once you had conquered the fear of death by accepting the love of God and the promise of eternal life – see post. […]

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