Listen to that tiny voice…

In today’s post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Pastor Freed used this quote – “The Church is not called to be the master or servant of the state, but to be the conscience of the state.”   (MLK Jr)

He went on to talk about people like MLK and Billy Graham serving in that role at different times n our countries history. He also asked the question – “Who will be the conscience today?”

Perhaps we heard that conscience in the words of inauguration poet Amanda Gorman.

I think the role that MLK was talking about for the church (and the people of the church) is one of giving voice to the messages of Jesus as a guide for our collective conscience. Jesus did not come to live among us only for the experience of being human and thus better understanding humans; but, rather to show us what being human could be if we followed His example.

Jesus was called rabbi (teacher) for a reason. He was trying to direct and shape our conscience – to show us what our lives could be like if we lived in love and harmony. He became that tiny voice in the back of our heads that tells us what is right and distinguishes it from what is wrong. We need to listen to that tiny voice for we are told many times in scripture that the world is loud and God speaks to us in a whisper.

God’s whisper is causing actions all around us, but we often fail to see it. It can be found in a kind gesture or a helping hand. Sometimes it takes the stage in the spotlight, like Amanda did at the Presidential Inauguration event. However, most of the time it takes place in the background, in the unseen acts of kindness and help, like packing food for the hungry or delivering that food. It is the ttiny voice that causes us to rach for our wallet hen we see the red Salvation Army kettle. It is the tiny voice that reminds us to put on a face covering in public, because that is the right thing to do.

The real answer to Jack’s question – “Who will be the conscience today? “  – is that you will be. So, listen for that tiny voice in the back of your head. Stop and think about what it is trying to tell you and let it guide your actions.

God is whispering to you. Listen

One Response to Listen to that tiny voice…

  1. John Freed says:

    It’s a terrible feeling to b a conscience for some othe than yourself

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