What will your extra be today?

Pastor Freed used a quote from a football coach today – “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”  (Jimmy Johnson – Football Coach)

Phrases like that are often used by coaches during pep talks to get their players fired up and motivated to find that little extra for the game. But, how does it apply to the normal person in their normal (one might say ordinary) day?  

We often here people saying, “Have a great day”. How does one do that? How can you make it a great day, today? Maybe the secret is in that little extra that you can put into the day that will change it from ordinary to extraordinary for someone else.

The extra that you can add to the day to make it extraordinary may be as simple as a smile or kind greeting to someone that you don’t even know. Maybe you can hold a door open for someone or offer to help carry something for him or her.

Lately there has been a practice called “paying it forward” in which someone at a drive-up window at a fast food place pays for the order of the person behind them. That extraordinary act of kindness makes the day for the person behind and makes the person in front feel great, too.

Doing those little extra things during your day takes a conscious effort and out of being conscious of it comes your own sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Stop and ask yourself before you start your day what you can do extra today to make the day better for someone else. That frame of mind itself will make your day better.

What will you do extra today?

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