What will you build?

We live in acrimonious and disturbing times that cry out for a return to the values that many of us grew up with and the lessons that we learned in Sunday School (back when people went to Sunday School instead of out to the playing fields) – humbleness, honesty, integrity and caring for others.

I recently saw a post on Facebook that read something like this – “Those who have success in life should build a bigger table not a bigger wall”.

That saying seemed to me to sum up both the state that we are in and the decisions that we must make going forward. It sums things up by pointing out our choices. We can either share the wealth of our nation and our people with those less fortunate by building a bigger,  more inclusive table for all; or, we can decide to husband what we have been fortunate enough to achieve as a nation and a people by building walls to close ourselves off from the world.

Of course, the table and the wall are just symbols of the political and socio-economic decisions that we must make going forward. Most of us probably try to teach our children to share their toys with playmates or siblings when they are very young. It not only keeps the peace, but it’s the right thing to do. I’m not sure when we stop trying to teach them to share, but somewhere along the line many “learn” how to be selfish or uncaring for others. Maybe they see how we act as adults and take their cues from that behavior. Imagine what the children have learned from the adults around them recently.

Another vexing thing is how many so-called Christians have joined in “build walls” side of things. I can’t find any references to building walls anywhere in the words of Jesus, but there are many about sharing and caring for others. Jesus would have chosen to build a bigger table and not a bigger wall. In fact he instructed his Disciples  his last meeting at the table to go out and share with all.

So, what will you build? We all have some success in life, even if just being alive is all that we can think of at the moment. Give of yourself. Choose to share your life and time with others and not to wall yourself off. Build a bigger table, not a bigger wall.

One Response to What will you build?

  1. John Freed says:

    Thanks for your daily inspiring words.

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