Be on the bestseller list…

Today’s installment of the blog Jack’s Winning Words illustrates how the lives that we live tell a story that others evaluate and learn from- he called it our Gospel.

Jack used a quote from Mother Theresa, who wrote –  “I’m a little pencil in God’s hand.” She certainly wrote a best seller with her life of work among the poor of India.

Jack also referenced a poem by Paul Gilbert –

“You are writing a Gospel,

A chapter each day,

By deeds that you do,

By words that you say.

Men read what you write,

Whether faithless or true;

Say, what is the Gospel

According to you?”

While other men may evaluate you by the story of your life; it is most often the children in our lives who learn from that story. What will your children learn from the Gospel according to you?

Some books are banned, especially for children, because their content is inappropriate for young minds. Others are best sellers or required reading because he story is so good and the lessons to be learned are so powerful. Which would you rather the story of your life to be?

Many families have someone in the family tree that they just don’t talk about or talk about only in whispers, so that the children don’t overhear. These are not the role models that are held up to the children to emulate, but rather the bad examples to be avoided. Their Gospel is one of shame.

So what is the Gospel according to you? What things are you writing in your Gospel today that you want your children to learn from? Would you be proud to see that your gospel is being read or would you have to caution, “Don’t do what I did?”

The best way to write a bestseller with your life is to be like Mother Theresa and let God guide your pencil. Maybe you can add to your prayers, “God please guide my actions today so that they may make a great chapter in the Gospel of my life.”

Not all of us will have the opportunity, time or commitment to do the things that Mother Theresa did; but all of us are given the opportunity to live a life that we can be proud of and one that others may learn from by doing the right things and the things that we can to help others. So sharpen your pencil before venturing out today (thru prayer)  and get yourself ready to write things in your Gospel that you will be proud to have others read.

Ask God to help you be on the bestseller list.

2 Responses to Be on the bestseller list…

  1. John Freed says:

    To be an example is mighty burden to bear.

    I’m flying in to Michigan on Sunday . We’ll have to set upa time for filming “the sermon.” When is time and date for you, closer to Aug 16?


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