When enough said is too much…

I save most of the little quotes that Jack Freed uses each weekday morning in his blog Jack’s Winning Words.  They provide me with inspiration for my own posts to this blog . Sometimes, when I look at the little collection of quotes, it jumps out at me that two for more seem to belong together. Such was the case this morning. I was saving the quote about things best left unsaid, when I spotted the quote about knowing who’s business it is – 

“It is awfully important to know what is and what is not your business.”  (Gertrude Stein)

“Some things are just better left unsaid, and I usually realize that right after I say them.” (not attributed)

There are occasions when getting involved in somebody else’s business is warranted, in order to prevent them from hurting themselves or others. Sometimes those occasions are called interventions and many times deal with situations where the person can no longer determine right from wrong. Those situations could be caused by an addiction or maybe just a series of bad decisions that have led to a path of self-destruction.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning people stick their noses in where they don’t belong, because the situation offends their own personal beliefs. Such is often the case with efforts to discourage or intervene in certain life-style decisions, especially those involving sexuality. That is not your business and the more left unsaid the better.

So listen to this Ariana Grande song about leaving things unsaid and think about it before you jump in and say something that you will regret right after you say it. It probably wasn’t your business to begin with. In most cases you will be much better off using your ears to listen than using your mouth to interject.

Enough said!

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