It’s OK to be You…

In a recent post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Jack used a quote sent to him by one of his readers – “It’s OK to live a life others do not understand.”  (Sent by MarO)

girl with nose chainSearching for one’s identity or getting comfortable with it, once it becomes apparent, is a rite of passage for all kids growing up. Some never seem to end that search or perhaps just carry it a bit further into adulthood. You may have met someone in their 20’s or even older who tells you that they are still trying to find themselves. At the opposite end of that spectrum are the precocious kids who have made up their minds at an early age about who and what they are and have set about to pursue their dreams and fulfill their destinies. No matter where you are on that journey of self-discovery –  It’s OK to be you.

Still others know who they are, but they are not happy with what they see. They may see themselves as “misfits”. They feel like they do not fit in with society in general or that they are somehow singled out because of the difference that they perceive about themselves. Maybe it is their physical appearance or perhaps they just feel awkwarddepression4 around others. Whatever the reason for their discomfort, many of these people (mostly young people) try to disguise or hide their true self by emulating others and by joining groups of other misfits into which they can blend and disappear. They may alter their appearance or dress in a specific manner to try to fit in with the group that they have chosen. Eventually most see that It’s OK to be you.

What most finally come to grips with, as MarO put it, is that, “It’s OK to live a life others do not understand.” It is in fact those differences than make you an interesting person to know. It is your different perspective on life that give your life its value to others. Eventually it is those differences that will give you satisfaction that you are living the life that was meant for you. Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street put it well kerrmit the frog singingin his song, “It’s not easy being green.” Just as Kermit reached the conclusion that being green wasn’t so bad after all, you will eventually see that being you isn’t that bad either. It’s OK to be you.

I’ve written here before about being the best you that you can be and that advice is still valid. Before you can focus upon being the best you that you can be, you must first accept that It’s OK to be you. If it’s any comfort, just know that everyone before you and everyone around you went through, or are going through, the same struggle to find and accept themselves. Your challenge isn’t really that others not understanding you, it’s about you not understanding and accepting yourself. Once you can get to the point where you say to yourself, this is who I am and I accept that; then you can move on making the best life possible for yourself. You will be surprised how this-is-memany people value knowing you for being who you are – for your different outlook on life and your opinions on things. Eventually, you will find that soul mate who has been looking for someone exactly like you and maybe then you will finally accept and understand that It’s OK to be you.

Have a great and unique life and don’t worry – It’s OK to live a life others do not understand.

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