Incomparable you…

From the Jack’s Winning Words blog come this thought for the day – “Since you are like no other human being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.”   (Brenda Ueland)

It’s amazing that so many people spend so much of their time trying to be like someone else, maybe dressing like them or trying to talk or act like them. That is especially true with youth who have yet to really discover and embrace who they arethe unique person that, in fact, fascinates others. Young people just want to “fit in”. What they Gothmay not yet fully understand is that they are fitting in by filling the unique role that they play as the individual that they are. It can be especially hard to understand if the person is what we would call “good looking’, yet insecure about themselves. Julia Roberts, of the movie Pretty Woman, related in a magazine interview how she was an awkward and insecure person as a teen.

Children can be cruel to those who are unique, often making them the targets of scorn or bullying. Sometimes those unique young people find refuge within groups of other outcasts. Sometimes their silent rage plays out in tragic acts of violence as we have seen bully.pngmuch too often lately. Then we see the back-stories of ostracism or bulling that led to the bad decision to strike back with violence. We hear from parents who didn’t see what was going on in their children’s lives. Sometimes we blame then for not stepping in and preventing the tragedy. In fact, it is a societal problem.

As a society, we have not fully embraced diversity and the acceptance of those who are not “like us”. In fact, we have been moving in the opposite direction, towards camps of like-minded people who fear or hate those who are not like them. That divide is very pronounced in our politics today, where the various beliefs predjuicesheld by group members have become “litmus tests” for those seeking their political support. It is sad that our prejudices and fears have now taken on a role of political power and divisiveness.

But, let’s get back to you, or me. We are each unique, incomparable to anyone else. If we accept that, the next step might be to ask yourself how you might share your uniqueness with the world to the betterment of all. You certainly have time and you can devote some of it to help others. You may have unique talents that can be put to work for the benefit of others. Since you are unique, you have a point of view not shared by anyone else in the world. Perhaps the world would benefit from your unique insights, so share them with others. Focus upon being this-is-methe best you that you can be, because the world doesn’t have another you. If you don’t be you, no one else can fill that role.

If you can start out each day happy with who you are and secure in the incomparable contribution that you are about to make in the lives of others, you will end each day with a sense of pride and accomplishment. You can make a difference today just because you are unique and no one else can fill you role. No one else can say, “Hi, how are you?” just like you do. No one else can offer the help that only you can give. No one else can give that great smile that you can give. Be happy. Be you. Have a great day – incomparable you.

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