Make the decision to leave the dark place that you are in…

“The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”  (John Pierpoint Morgan) – from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “wallowing in self-pity”. Many of us get into the state when things seem to go wrong for us. We wallow in it. One dictionary definition captures the essence of wallowing for people – (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that creates a pleasurable sensation). You may not think about being down upon yourself as being pleasurable, but for many people self-pity has become a alcohol abusecomfortable place – a place that they are so familiar with that they seek refuge there. When you’re there, you can excuse yourself for your situation, because it is obviously not your fault. After all, when you are wallowing in self-pity, you can explain your failure as being the consequence of “the whole world is against me.”

The fact is that you’ve stayed too long at the pity party and it’s time for you to move on. As Mr. Morgan said, you need to take that first step and go somewhere else. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were that caused you to wallow for a while in self-pity – a death in the family, a divorce, the loss of a job, whatever; it’s time to go somewhere else. Deciding to move on immediately puts that event in your rear view mirror. It’s still there, but it’s behind you now. You are facing in a new direction – the direction of your future.

Once you have made the decision to that you are not going to stay at the pity party, you women dreamingwill find that the comfort of self-pity is replaced by the excitement of doing something new. You can stop spending all of your time thinking about what was or what might have been and start focusing on what will be. A new direction will lead to new goals and new purpose for your life and the darkness that surrounded you in your sanctuary of self-pity will fade away, replaced by the lights of hopes and dreams.

One of the best ways to exit the dungeon of self-pity is to turn to your faith in the darkest hour and trust once again in God to be there for you. Take you burden, no matter how heavy it feels and give it to God. He can handle it and you can move on with life. The moment you take the step to tell God and yourself, “Not my will be

animated-light-bulb-gif-22done, but thy will be done”; a great weight will be lifted from you and His light will begin to shine in your life, pointing the way out of whatever Hell-hole that you dug yourself into. Perhaps you will recall the Sunday School song “This little light of mine.” Let in bounce around in your mind as you head off on a new direction in life.

Make the decision to leave the pity-party today. Have a great week ahead; you’re off in a new direction.

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