I’ll work on being me and you can work on being you…

From a recent post to the Jack’s Winning Words blog come this little reminder – “Don’t you ever let a soul tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.”  (Lady Gaga) Jack went on to write a little about the childhood of  Stefani Germanatta (Lady Gaga) who wasWoman from behind attributed labeled as an eccentric misfit in school. Look at what happened to her when she decided to keep being herself, instead of trying to conform to someone else’s idea of what was cool or proper.

Many of us spend too much of our time trying to fit in or be cool. The sad thing is that we have no real idea what that means, other than that some people that we see around us seem to be having a better time than we are. Therefore, we try to dress and act like them, in hopes that this is all that it takes to be jerkaccepted and to be considered cool. That never works. Instead we just end up looking pathetic in the eyes of those people that we are trying so hard to emulate and impress.

Some people even try to be cool with more than one group. They usually end up failing with all of the groups and may end up losing the ability to remember who they really are. The key to success in life is not trying to make yourself over into something that you are not; but, rather, trying hard to be the best you that you can be.

I’ve posted here before about the Dr. Seuss advice that there’s nobody you’er than you. You don’t want to lose that advantage by trying to become someone else. So work on becoming the best you that you can be. Develop, use and share your talents. Make sure that you stay recognized as “one of a kind” instead of becoming “one of them”.

Have you ever noticed how people who have passed are sometimes praised by people who state, “There will never be another like him/her.” They were being the best person that they could be. If you focus on being the best you that you can be, they may say that about you some day. And that would be cool.

A nice side benefit of focusing upon being yourself is all of the time that you get back. You don’t have to spend time trying to understand what you think makes others cool and worrying about what others think of you. Maybe if you start each day with a little prayerwoman-praying – “God help me be the best me that I can be today. Help me do the right things and focus my energy on doing better each day.” Then you could end the day by taking some time to reflect on your day and with another prayer, “Please God, help me see and understand the things that I could have done better this day; so that I can be a better me tomorrow.”

As for me, I’ll be over here working on being a better me. Maybe I’ll encounter you today and get the chance to see the better you. Let’s work on that.


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