Be somebody…it matters…

The two quotes that inspired me today both came from my favorite source for inspirational quotes – the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

“One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.”  (Mother Teresa)

– and –

“How you matter is defined by the things that matter to you.”  (John Green)

The first quote by Mother Teresa is the trap that most of us fall into most of the time – being a nobody to the people that we meet in our day-to-day lives. It’s not that we consciously set out to be a nobody; it’s more that we don’t make the effort necessary to be a somebody in the lives of those that we encounter during the day. Perhaps you could understand this better by asking yourself this simple question – “Who do I remember encountering from yesterday and why do I remember them?”

handshakeI suspect that you will begin to realize that those who made a lasting impression upon you were those who took the time to interact with you, to greet you and to listen to you when you spoke. That is normally an interaction with more content to it than just a cursory “Hi, how ya doing?” exchange as you passed. The second quote comes into play at the point when you realize that what matters to you is your interaction with others that you meet. If you place your relationships with others above your pursuit of money or things, you will find that you matter to them, too.

At the core of Green’s quote is the concept of your moral priorities – the things that matter to you. Basing those priorities on anything other than a strong belief in God as the bedrock for your life is like building your house on sand. It will be a life of shifting values that will eventually collapse. If you start out with your number one priority being your relationship with God, through your acceptance of Jesus as your savior; you will not find the accumulation of material possessions anywhere on your priority list of things woman-prayingthat matter. You are more likely to have a list of things that you want to do for others and priorities based upon loving, sharing and helping.

Once those things become what matters to you and you starting acting on those priorities, you will find that you matter a whole lot more to those whom you meet and they will matter a whole lot more to you.  You will no longer be a nobody to anybody that you encounter. Being somebody isn’t about what you have in life; it’s about what you do in life that impacts others. There ae tons of bible verses about caring for others and sharing with others; but, I don’t think there are any about making as much money as you can and buying as many things as you can. Those things didn’t matter to Jesus and God; why should they matter to you? It’s better to be somebody who matters to somebody else.

Have a great weekend and go out and be somebody.

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