You’ve got a job to do…being you.

I love this little quote from a recent post on the Jack’s Winning Word blog – Dr Seuss said, “There’s no one alive who’s Youer than You.” 


That’s true and it’s important to realize each day that you have a job to do that day just being you. Why is that important? Just think of the consequences of there not being a you. The 1946 Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” explored that theme and showed the main character how important his life was in the lives of those around him. We don’t all have an angel to show us the importance of our life in the lives of others, but just think about it for a while and you’ll realize how different things might be in the lives of others around us if we weren’t here.


The same is true of all of us and you need to start each day by appreciating the fact that this-is-meyou have a job to do just being the best you that you can be, because it has an impact on those around you. If you can be happy and upbeat, you will help those around you have a better attitude, too. It’s also important that you not waste time trying to be someone else or what you think someone else wants you to be. Let them be them and you be you; it’s what you have to do.


So start each day by looking in the mirror and saying, “I’m going to be the best me that I can be today. After all there’s no one me-er than me.” And, should I encounter you, I’llsmiling woman say “How do you do” and appreciate that there’s no one Youer than you.


Have a great week.

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