What time is it? Life time!

“Time is free, but it’s priceless.  You can’t own it, but you can use it.  You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.  Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”  (Harvey MacKay) – source: the Jack’s Winning Words blog, of course. Jack went on to mention that there’s a famous Walter Payton quote: “Tomorrow is promised to no one.”

As I get older, time become much more precious and much less taken for granted. That’sworking against time why I often write about not wasting time on regrets about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. That is time that you could be using to do something today. As today’s quote says, time is priceless; it is more valuable than money, but it is also fleeting. You need to invest your time wisely. If you do, you will get a return on it and that return will be the good feelings that you end the day with, having done the right things with your time.

Like a good investor, you need to do some research first, to see what things there are out there in which to invest your time. You have no charts or weighty market studies to read, but you do have your Bible and perhaps spending a little time with it and maybe with the Arthur will help you see what you need to spend your time upon. reading-bibleThat’s not to say that you won’t end up going to work and putting in your hours there; but a few moments of quiet reflection each morning might help you remember why you are putting in those hours and the important people in your life that the money which you make supports. Sometimes it’s hard to see your daily job as being God’s work; but it can be if you see it in the right light, as part of God’s larger plan for you.

So, take a few moments of your time each morning to thank God for giving you another day and think about how you will invest the time that you have been given. Yohelperu may have to give 8 hours to a job and you may sleep for another 8 hours; but, that still leave you with 8 hours that are totally yours to invest. If you choose to do nothing with those 8 hours, you will likely get nothing in return. However, if you find a way to use that time helping others, serving others or volunteering for others, you may find that the 8 hours you need for sleep come more easily and the feelings that you have at the end of the day transcend just being tired, because feeling satisfied makes being tired feel better.

Tomorrow is promised to no one, so make the best use of today. Got to go. I’m out of time.

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