We begins with me…

A short, original poem to get us all thorough the rest of the week.


You’re different from me, that I can see;

But if I accept you and you accept me,

Then, one becomes two and “I” becomes “we”.


We will learn from each other and find ways to agree.

When I can look through your eyes and see what you see,

The knowledge of one becomes the knowledge of we.


Some would divide us into the groups “us” and “them”;

Hate, fear and prejudice seem to guide their whim.

I wonder; if they met Jesus, where they would put Him?


He was different from them, the Pharisees would say.

He preached love and inclusion; not popular in his day.

And, He opened his arms to all; saying, “I am the way.”


On His message, I think we both can agree.

He accepts who we are, and that makes us we;

But, none of this happens, if I don’t start with me.


God, open my eyes and my mind to the One.

Let my fears, hate and prejudices all be done.

Let me see others in the light of your Son.


God, help me to accept others who are not like me.

Let me fully embrace the concept of “we”.

Let the life that I live shout, “we begins with me…”


Have a great and inclusive rest of your week.

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