Use your eraser…

From my favorite source for blog post inspirations, Jack’s Winning Words, comes this recent thought for the day – “Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.”  (Meister Eckhart)

Jack went on to write about God’s forgiving us our sins and allowing us to go on in life. One of the real points was our ability to admit errors and ask for forgiveness or forgive ourselves and move on with life. Jack had a link to a cute little poem that drives home the point about being able to start over or go on with life after a screw-up –

bored2I’ve posted here before about dealing with life’s setbacks or roadblocks and one key thing that may not have been said as well as Jack’s post puts it is the ability to erase it (put it behind you) and move on – to be given a new leaf or to give yourself a new leaf and not to dwell on your past failures or disappointments. Use your eraser.

Life gives you a big pencil with which to write your future. You can’t erase the things thatpencil-eraser have happened in the past. There is no real way to do what they do on the TV program Timeline and go back in time to make things different, so why waste a lot of time beating yourself up for your past mistakes. They happened and you don’t get a do-over. You do still have the opportunity to do-better in the future. Use your eraser.

Many people spend time in denial that the bad things in their lives actually happened. mistakreSome spend their time looking for scapegoats – someone else to blame those things on. Still others just can’t give themselves a break and make bad decisions worse by beating themselves up over and over again. A few get bogged down in a bad case of  the coulda, woudla, shoulda’s and can’t seem to get out. Use your eraser.

In the movie Forest Gump, a man approaches Forest during one of his cross country runs to ask about a saying for a T-shirt. The man steps in some dog doo and Forest comments, “Poop occurs”. The man turns that into “Shit Happens” and makes a fortune on T-shirt sales. Poop will occur in your life. Use your eraser.

Of course the eraser is a metaphor, but for what? For forgiveness of your sins (mistakes)man praying and the ability to go on, forgiven and renewed. Perhaps the best explanation for that metaphor is that God is the Great Eraser and prayer is the way you use it. If you honestly pray for forgiveness God will grant that to you and grant you the peace to go on with your life. Use your Eraser.

The good thing is that, like the eraser on the end of your pencil, God is always there in your life, waiting for you to call on him. Don’t ask him to change things – even he can’t go back in time and change what has happened. Ask instead for forgiveness and understanding and the strength to go on. Use your eraser!

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