Maybe seeing is believing…

Jack had one of those little “stop and smell the roses” sayings on his blog – Jack’s Winning Words – recently:

“As rough and tough as the world is, don’t forget to see the beauty in simple things.”  (Unknown)

That’s good advice in today’s hurried, multi-tasking oriented world. Stopping to puppyappreciate a beautiful sunset or a bird on your bird feeder or maybe just the loving pet sitting by your side can be rejuvenating and uplifting. Perhaps it’s the pause from the hubbub of daily life or maybe the quick association in your mind between what you are seeing now and a better or more joyous time in your life. Whatever it is, stopping to recognize and appreciate some small beautiful thing or moment is refreshing and perhaps has more meaning than you realize at the time.

I often save the little quotes from Jack’s blog for use as topics or inspiration for later posts of my open. As I was saving that quote I noticed that two quotes above it in my little list was this one from an earlier post that Jack had done –

“When you can see God in small things, you’ll see God in all things.”  ― Donald L. Hicks

It hit me right away that the two sayings belong together and that seeing the beauty in simple things is seeing God in the small things in life. Once you allow that to happen in
meyour life; then, you can see God in all things in life and that helps you better understand and appreciate life.

Perhaps you can put yourself in the right frame of mind to see and appreciate God’s presence in all things in life by starting each day with this quick little prayer from Psalm 118:24 –

This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

You might be surprised by how good things “look” to you when you start off with that attitude about life and the day ahead.

Try looking for God in all things in your life. Start with the small things and work your way up. You can’t help but feel better when you start to see the beauty of God in all things around you.

I’ll be seeing you…

One Response to Maybe seeing is believing…

  1. Lois Spiter says:

    I have always like ” We will only pass this way once.” I try to make the most of each day, but can look back and see that I could have done better. I also try not to beat myself up about it too. Nothing you can do or say once that moment has passed.

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