It’s the same for prayer…

You can’t get much done in life, if you only work on the days you feel good.”  (Jerry West) Today’s little quote was one that I saw some time back on my favorite blog site – Jack’s Winning Words. It got me to thinking not only how true it is, but what a parallel there is to prayer in our lives. There is a similar quote about that – “If you only pray when you’re in trouble…you’re in trouble”.

So maybe that means that you won’t get much out of prayer if you only pray when youman praying need God’s help with something. Perhaps you should make a daily habit of prayer and use most of them to thank God for all that He has done for you already. Occasionally you may have to ask God for help with something; but by then you’ll also have a pretty good appreciation for all that He has already done for you and perhaps a stronger faith that your prayers will be answer this time, too.

I find myself, on occasion, coming to realize that some fortuitous thing that has just helping handshappened in my life is not happenstance, but the hand of God at work in my life. Many times it is something that didn’t happen, but could have, with either damaging or embarrassing consequences. I take a moment for a little prayer to thank Him for saving my bacon once again. There’s a common saying that people often use that “my guardian angel was looking out for me”; well that guardian angel was really the hand of God resting on your shoulder. So say a little prayer of thanks the next time you realize that you just dodged one of life’s little bullets because the hand of God nudged you out of harm’s way.praying

Most of us go to work every day whether we really feel good or not. Get in the habit of taking a little time for prayer every day too, whether you need something or not. Maybe you’ll find that you can start each day feeling good because you got off to a good start with a little prayer.

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