Be somebody today…

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”  (Brad Montague), as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog recently.

Everybody likes to feel like somebody, to feel important or to feel pretty or to feel that they are loved. Not everybody gets much positive reinforcement for those feelings; so, when you get the chance to give someone a compliment or words of encouragement, do it…be somebody today.

There are all too many people who relish the opportunity to put others down, to youre greatburst their balloon or to make a cruel or cutting remark. It may even be easier to be critical of that person or something that they just did than it is to find something to praise; however, those words of praise, if you can find them, can make a world of positive difference in that
person’s life. Sometimes it is that word of encouragement or approval that keeps the other person going, instead of them giving up and falling into despair. What harm does it do you to say, “Keep it up you’re getting better every time”, than to blurt out, “that really sucks”? Go for the compliment…be somebody today.

Making others feel like somebody often just means paying some attention to them, instead of ignoring them or turning away from them because they may be different. That difference could be their age or their skin color or the fact that they have a disability of introducing friendsome sort. That difference doesn’t make them a nobody to be ignored or scuffled aside.  Maybe they don’t talk like everyone else in your group or perhaps they don’t dress the same or act the same. Perhaps their very differences are what should be interesting you. Maybe you can learn something from them; if nothing else you can perhaps see their different point of view and take that into consideration. You’ll never know until you make the effort. Be somebody today.

Maybe by making that effort to make them feel like somebody they’ll return the favor and make you feel like somebody, too. At the very least you’ll know that you are somebody…being kind 1you’re the person who went out of their way to reach out and make others feel good about themselves. And, do you know what? it will make you feel great to because you chose to be somebody today.

Have a great day and be somebody who makes others feel like somebody today.

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