Don’t sleep on the problem…

“When something’s troubling you, before going to sleep, jot down 3 things you can do the next day to help solve the problem.”  (H. Jackson Brown) – as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

restless sleepSo, to be complete, today’s post headline should say, “Don’t sleep on the problem, sleep on the solution.”

We often hear the phrase, “Let me sleep on it”, usually in association with a decision that must be made or a problem that must be solved. Today’s saying by H. Jackson Brown is good advice because it is telling us to put ourselves in a positive frame of mind before going to sleep by thinking of things we can do tomorrow to solve the problem at hand and not just to continue worrying about it.

Perhaps there is another thing that you can do before you drift off to sleep and that is topraying pray about it. When you pray about a problem you aren’t really asking God to make the problem go away, but rather to give you the strength, courage and wisdom to deal with the issues that constitute the problem. You are also asking God to be with you through the problem resolution. Sleep will come easier when you drift off knowing that you can now say “We’ve got this” instead of feeling alone in the thought that “I’ve got this.” After all, what problem stands a chance when you have God in your corner?

However, don’t expect that your prayer and faith will turn you into a spectator as God solves your problems. Remember that God acts through us, not instead of us. You still have to take the necessary actions to resolve things; but, now you have an unbeatable ally sleepingon your side. Maybe that will make jotting down three things that you are going to do tomorrow a lot easier.

Have a great night’s sleep – you are ready for tomorrow.


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