Look up and be nourished…

“When it rains soup the poor man has no spoon.”  (Swedish Proverb) – from the Jack’s Winning Words blog. Jack went on to write about the good works of the Capuchin Soup Kitchens, which provide so many meals for those in need.

The Swedish Proverb seems rather negative or down on the poor man. I might prefer something that says if the poor man turns his face upward and opens his mouth in prayer God will provide nourishment that needs no spoon. Perhaps that is nourishment for the soul.

hand reaching for heavenThere are certainly plenty of stories in the Bible of God providing when called upon, some of them even involving food or drink. The Bible is also full of references of mankind “hungering or thirsting” for religious signs or reinforcement of beliefs. It’s as if we can only go so long on one serving of faith before we need another “meal”, another helping of God’s love. That new helping of faith comes through prayer. We ask God and He provides. We need no spoon for the nourishment for our souls that comes looking upward and opening our mouths in prayer.

Try it this morning and see how God fills your soul with nourishing faith for the day.

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