Does the music you hear make you want to dance?

Noel Coward wrote, “Blithe Spirit…that kind of person who is happy and carefree and dances to music no one else hears.” – as seen recently on the Jack’s Winning Words blog. That little saying by Coward wasn’t even the quote of the day, which was – “Work is more fun than fun.”  (Noel Coward)

Work can be fun, especially if you are dancing to the music inside. More generally, life can be fun, if you constantly hear the music that makes you want to dance. I knew a man once who used to say, “On the outside I may look calm and composed; but, inside there’s a listening toi music.pngparty goin’ on.” Obviously he was dancing to the music inside.

I suppose that the references to music and dancing are metaphors for your outlook on life and how you live your life; but I suspect that the person who hears what no one else hears is a person who has accepted the good news of Jesus in his life and that has freed his spirit to be happy and carefree. After all, once you have accepted Him in your life, what is there to worry about?

So, each morning, pause to have a little prayer or read a little from the Bible and strike up the band. You’ll be hearing the music all day long and dancing through your day.

Do you hear the music?

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