Get a Grip…

“If the mountain were smooth you couldn’t climb it.”  (Quoted by Wintley Phipps)  – From the Jack’s Winning Words blog. Jack went on to write – Many of us were fascinated in 2015 when TV showed two people climbing the sheer face of El Capitan, using only hands, feet and a rope.  They were able to succeed because small fissures in the rock allowed them to get finger and toe holds.  There are some life problems that seem impossible to solve.  Usually there’s a way.  Keep searching, climbing…And keep hanging in there!    😉  Jack

Before you can keep hanging in there, you need to get a grip on something. In the case of rock climbers it is those tiny imperfections in the rock – the fissures or knobs that they climbewrcan grab or force their fingers into that allow them to keep climbing until they reach their goal. In life we may have to look hard to find the things that we need to hold onto to provide us those grips that let us keep on moving towards our goals. Many times rock climbers may have to traverse the face of the rock that they are on at an angle because that is where the little grips that they need take them. Life can be like that, too. Sometimes we have to move sideways in order to move up. We may even encounter dead-ends that require us to go backward a bit and search for a different path, but the key thing is to keep searching for that next place to Get a Grip.

One of the more improbable and inspiring stories that I have seen was written about Erik Weihenmayer, a blind rock climber and mountain climber. Imagine, if you can, not only needing to find those tiny crevices and imperfections to grip, but having to do it in the dark, completely blind. Eric does it through his ability to feel the face of the rock with his fingers and tongue. He has not only scaled shear rock walls but was also the first blind climber to summit Mount Everest. You can read more about Eric by clicking here. Eric was not born blind, but suffered juvenile retinoschisis, a disease that took his sight. Eric did not let his loss of sight hold him back in life or in climbing. His positive attitude allowed him to Get a Grip.

Most of us will never climb rocks or mountains and that’s OK. We all have our personal facing stairschallenges to overcome and we all need to find ways to hold on and keep moving forward. For me and for many, our faith provides those things to hold onto, whether through prayer or through reading the Bible, there are always thigs that we can grab onto that will help us through whatever we face in life. We don’t need a safety rope to make sure that we don’t fall, because we have been told in Isaiah 41:10 – Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. (New Living Translation) How comforting is that? It enables us to face our challenges without fear of failure because through our beliefs we are able to Get a Grip.

Let God help you overcome your personal challenges. Get out there this week and Get a Grip.

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  1. This is my favorite from what you have written so far. Short. Straight and meaningful.

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