Go for the gold…

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone.  Be the one who finds the gold.  (Proverbs 11:27) – as seen in recent weeks on the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

We are in the silly season of political primaries and most of the candidates are all too happy to dish the dirt on each other. Only Bernie Sanders and John Kasich have tried to stay out of the dirt as much as possible; however, the reality of our national politics requires a tit for a tat and that usually means occasionally dishing dirt on the other candidates. I don’t think we hear very often one candidate saying nice things about the others – finding and sharing the gold in that person.

In our own, day-to-day lives, it is all too easy to join in the gossip at work about others or togossip toss off a hurtful remark about some dirt that you may have discovered about the other person. In truth the only reputation that you soil by doing so is your own. A much better way to spend your time is mining for the good (the gold) in that person; rather than joining in tearing them down.

Sometimes it is hard to see or find the gold in someone, especially if they have a particularly filthy past; perhaps even a criminal record. But there is good in us all and you have to make the effort to find it, even in those from whom you might initially recoil. You will make two people happy if you do – yourself for having made the effort and discovered the good (the gold) in that person and them because you had enough interest and faith in them to look for it.

diggingYou can find the gold (the good) in people, if you dig a little below the surface that they may present to the world by engaging them in conversation and exploring their “story”. Almost everyone starts with “their shields up”, so it is up to you to gain enough of their trust for them to drop those defenses and allow you to find and see the gold in them. You can do that by dropping your own shields and letting them see the gold in you.

So, be a gold digger with the people that you meet today. The rewards from getting to really gold barknow them will be better than gold and you may even make a new friend.

Go for the gold!

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