You can make it the way you take it…

“No life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.”  (Ellen Glasgow) – as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Perhaps you have encountered someone with a sever disability who was still happy or maybe someone so down on their luck that you can’t believe that could still be smiling.

Snoopy joyYou’ve stumbled upon people who live their lives by today’s quote. They never give up hope and they are thankful for what they have, even though it may not seem to be much to us. Most of the time you will have also encountered someone who has a deep faith and belief in God. It is upon that rock that they can build their optimistic or upbeat frame of mind and take life as it is.

Not everyone takes life, especially a hard life, in a way that allows them to be happy. Much of the time that is because they hold on to the belief that they can somehow make things right all by themselves, that they don’t need anyone’s help (not even God’s). I’ve posted here in the past about the importance of being able to let go of things by placing them in God’s hands. That is not an admission of failure or defeat; it is, rather, a sensible way to take things that are out of your control or bigger than your ability to control.

Most of us probably don’t live what would be called a “hard life”; one filled with misery, strife or waves of sadness; yet many of us don’t enjoy the easier lives that we have because we take things the wrong way. We see every inadvertent slight or oversight as an bored
indication that “the world is against us.” We are outraged or insulted at not being included or invited to every party or event at school or work. We are dismayed at not being thanked or mentioned for work that we may have done for others. Maybe we are unhappy that we were not asked to help with a project at work or at church. We basically take everything as a personal acceptance or rejection of us and take great umbrage at the slightest oversight or hint of rejection.

The starting point for living a better life is to realize that it’s not all about you. The world isn’t really out to get you. In fact the world likely doesn’t know that you exist, which may also make you unhappy. Rather the world around you prefers to associate with and invite to events and projects those people whom it sees as positive and upbeat. People do not eeorewant to surround themselves with the Eeyores of life, but rather with the Winnie the Poohs or even the Tiggers and Piglets. While there are some who might come across as disgustingly upbeat; they are still preferable to those who only want to drag you into their personal mental dungeons.

So, your challenge is to take life as it comes at you, do what you can and ask for God’s help when you need it. It’s probably not a bad idea to stat each day prayingwith a little prayer that asks for God’s help as the day goes on. Perhaps something like, “Dear God, help me make the right decisions today on the things that I can control; let me hand off to you the things that I cannot control; and give me the wisdom to know the difference.”

Have a great day and an easier life this week.

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