Here’s to your health my friend

“Friendship is a powerful healing force.”  (Dr Joel Kahn, a holistic cardiologist in the Detroit area.) – as seen recently on the Jack’s Winning Words blog. Jack added that Dr. Khan also mentioned an old African proverb – “If you walk fast, walk alone.  If you want to walk far, walk together.” According to Dr. Khan, grabbing someone’s hand and walking together through challenges may be the most powerful health tool.

I believe that to be true. The power of friendship and the power of human touch are over looked and under-
massageappreciated.  One of the owners of Essential Massage and Wellness Center is in our local Chamber of Commerce Referral Network Group and she is always proclaiming the healing benefits of the power of touch, especially the touch rendered in a good massage.  I can certainly attest to that power, having had her work on a shoulder that I injured a couple of years ago. It’s wonderful! I believe the part about wellness in her business name; the benefits of the human-to-human touch in massage are well proven and provide a path to wellness in life.

I suspect that the magic in the use of friendship as a healing tool has a lot to do with taking away at least some of the fear that comes with a sickness or injury. It is comforting to have someone there with you when you are ill or injured that you can share your fears with and who can reassure you that everything will be OK. As a child we run to mommy to have her kiss our boo-boos. Does her kiss contain some powerful pain killer or antiseptic? No, it just makes things feel better. As adults mommy is not normally there to kiss our boo-boos, but we still find comfort in having someone to share the moment with, a spouse or significant other, our own children or just a good friend.

There may be pain involved with whatever we are going through, but pain can be managed these days (not always
to the extent that we might like); but is the fear of the unknowns that we may need the most help coping with andsick at home that’s where having someone to hold your hand and walk with you is a great aid to facing those fears and overcoming the illness or injury. I can’t imagine a worst case scenario than being in a hospital away from friends and family and facing an illness or injury without any support from loving friends or family. Of course the doctors and nurses will do the best that they can to treat whatever ails you and make you as comfortable as possible; but they have rounds to make and other patients to care for; so, they can’t sit there and hold your hand. They may be the most competent people in their profession; but, they are not your friends.

So, if you have relatives or friends that are facing the unknowns of and illness or suffering through recovery from an injury; be there for them. Be a powerful healing force for them. Be that comforting, familiar face that they can caregiverrelax with and share their fears and concerns with. Find the strength to lend them your strength and help them through their challenges. Take their hand and walk with them on their journey. Someday you may need their helping hand. You might also be surprised how many people are in hospitals and nursing homes with no family nearby to walk with them. Volunteer and become a healing force for someone just by being there. You might be surprised at what a positive force the volunteer lady who pushes the book cart around in the hospital can be, just because she stops to talk to the patients who are alone. What better things do you really have to do today than to be there for another human being in need of a friend?

Here’s to your health, my friend…

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