Be a friend; be goofy with someone today… 

From the Jack’s Winning Words Blog – “I’ve learned that no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.”  (Andy Rooney)  Jack went on to write – I miss Andy and his “5 minutes” at the end of the 60 Minutes TV program.  I’ve read that he didn’t have many close friends.  He said you just need one…to act goofy with.  I’ve got a few like that, and maybe you have, too.  I wonder if the Queen of England has a friend to act goofy with?  What does it mean to have a friend? 

pillow fightI’ve written here before about the need every now and then to be a little goofy, maybe to make a face at yourself  in the mirror, just to lighten the mood. It’s also great to have someone with whom you feel so comfortable that you can be goofy together. Many of us have buddies – golfing buddies or fishing buddies or maybe buddies that we play cards with – but there are usually only a very few (if any) friends that we feel safe and secure enough around to be goofy with them.

Being goofy with someone is about temporarily letting go of the control that we exercise when around others and just having fun in the moment. It isn’t about getting drunk or high with a friend; although many people do goofy things (maybe dumb is a better term) when they are drunk or high. Being goofy with a friend may be about laughing uncontrollably or pretending to be someone or something else or maybe just making funny faces to each other. Being goofy with a friend is about saying,”I trust you and our relationship enough to not hold back.”

Do you have a friend or friends that you can be goofy with?  Have you ever been goofy with a friend of yours? How did that make you feel? Did you feel the release of that moment of not having to hold things in and act like others expect you to act? Sometimes, being able to be goofy with as friend feels better than achieving some goal at work or getting praisegoofy freinds for some act of kindness or charity. While those feel great too, they are things that happen in your life within the context of you acting out your role as an adult. Being able to be goofy with a friend lets you return for that moment to the joys of childhood before you became burdened by the expectations of others.

So, find that BFF of yours that you can be goofy with and go have some fun today. Maybe you can just call them and the two of you can get goofy over the phone, reminiscing about the last time that you got together and got goofy about something. It will lighten up both of your days. Be goofy with someone today.

One Response to Be a friend; be goofy with someone today… 

  1. Susan2 R says:

    I read your words of wisdom faithfully. I have to ask how to handle issues when you’ve apologized and the people you apologize to don’t accept your apology. Does one keep trying or just give up? Family members choose to hold grudges, etc. Usually, the person apologizing doesn’t even know what they did wrong. Curious. Thanks much. Sue Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 11:44:19 +0000 To:

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