What we have here is a failure to change….

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. – John Wooden

There seems to be quite a bit of failure to recognize changes in our society lately, especially in Washington and various state legislative bodies, as they deny and try to legislate against the changes taking place. Perhaps these are really attempts to hold back change, which is also doomed to failure.

afraidChange is very scary to many and confusing to others. Things aren’t as they always have been and that is frightening. Anxieties are fueled not by facts; but, rather, by fears of the unknown. After all, THEY are not like US; and that can’t be good, can it? Their values don’t match OUR values, so they must be wrong, because we know that we are right; RIGHT?

It’s all very vexing, this change stuff. So, the thought process might be verbalized like this – “Maybe there’s a way to hold back change. Maybe if I make change illegal here it will go away. At least that’s my theory. Maybe I can pass laws that make people behave the way the WE behave; or at least I can make it illegal not to behave the way that WE behave. If that doesn’t work I’ll make sure that at least THEY don’t get the same rights and privileges that people who behave like WE do get. That’s OK because we’re in the right; RIGHT? After all WE have GOD on our side; Right? Here, let me show you passages in MY Bible that say that WE are right and THEY are wrong. Shame on THEM; Right? I feel better, now.”

The good news is that these hypocrites are now in the minority. Even though they currently hold economic and political power;  in the long run, there is no way that they can gerrymander the political maps enough to hold on to that power for much longer. The economic power issue will take longer, but they too will change. They have failed to change and theydinosaur are failing. They are in the process of fighting a rear guard action to hold off change for as long as they can; but it is a losing battle. Change is inevitable and unrelenting and patient enough to outlast these holdouts. They will join the dinosaurs as relics of our past.

Rather than spend time searching for Biblical passages that seem to justify their position, maybe they can find a way to embrace the overall messages about love for neighbor and inclusion in God’s kingdom that was the real intent in those same Bibles. Finding a way to embrace change and to value differences would seem to be a much better use of everyone’s time.

As for those who continue to resist change, rail against it and pass laws to stop it; we should continue to try to help them to get over their fears and see the benefits for all of a more diverse and inclusive society. We need not be angry at them (that is a waste of our energy) nor pity them (that is an empty emotion); but rather keep reaching out them with love and helping handsunderstanding. They are afraid of the change and we need to help them get over that fear. Not making that effort and leaving them behind would constitute a failure on our part. Remember to love thy neighbor as yourself, even if he is currently ranting against you. You must continue to reach out to the hands that have been slapping your hands and help them see that they need not be afraid of change.

Have great day and a great week ahead.

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