Don give up, get help…

Re-posted from the Jack’s Winning Words blog –

“When faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath – or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine, with God’s help!”  (Robert Schuller)  There was a time in my ministry when I faced a problem that did not seem to have an answer.  Schuller’s words led me to think about a new solution…and I found one.  Are you looking for an answer?  With God’s help, it’ll come.  Don’t give up!    😉  Jack 

Jack’s post makes a silent point that clearly illustrates one of man’s failings – his inability some times to admit that he gloomy guycannot solve a problem or find an answer by himself and must turn to God instead. I have posted here before about one of the turning points in my life, which was during a particularly tough time in which I could not see a way out, an answer to the situation that I found myself in. Having laid awake too many nights trying to figure things out myself, I finally took to heart a little phrase that my pastor had used in a sermon – “not my will, but Thy will be done.”

Once I put myself in that frame of mind, my troubles started to melt away. Once I accepted that I could not control things; that no matter how hard I tried I would not be able to find and answer by myself; I was able to let go of much of the anxiety and worry that had been depressing me. As is usually the case, I had let my imagination take flight and it had conjured up disastrous scenario after scenario, none of which everdissapointed lady occurred, but which consumed my thoughts and drained my energy. Once I off-loaded those thoughts and put my trust back in God’s hands, I was better able to cope with what did happen and preserve through the rough patch with an eye to the future. With God’s help I could see a future again.

Some may say that turning to God for help or proceeding on faith alone is a cop-out or ignoring the problem. I would reply that our little brains, no matter how well developed don’t always have the capacity to figure out every problem and that, indeed, there are problems for which there are no solutions, just acceptance and coping. Look at Schuller’s words again. He gives all sorts of good advice on alternatives to try to solve the problem of the mountain (a metaphor for a big problem, I’m sure), but it is the pushing uphillfirst three words of the second to last sentence that contains the real advice – “With God’s help”. So, like Schuler put it, Don’t give up – just get help, from God.

What mountains are you facing today, this week, in your life? Are you ready to ask for help? God has operators standing by to take your call.

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