Eat the frog…

From the Blog, Jack’s Winning Words – “Eat the frog first.”  (Dustin Wax)  In an article, “50 Tips For Getting Things Done,” Wax suggests doing the most unpleasant job first.

Many people avoid eating the frog (doing the unpleasant tasks in life) altogether, preferring to see if the frogs willfrog go away if left unattended to long enough.  Usually that is not the case; the frog just gets bigger and uglier the longer that you put it off.

How about you? Do you try to get the worst jobs done first, to get them off your to-Do list; or, do you try to put them off? Nasty things in life might include having to tell someone “no” about something that you know that they really want or need; or, maybe it is just that smelly job of changing the cat litter box.

In many events that are manned by volunteers it’s the clean-up duties after the end of the event that are the undesirable jobs. You’d probably cleanuplike to be going home, too; or going out wherever everyone else is headed, but you have to stay and clean up, put away tables and chairs, and carry out the garbage. Take heart from this little saying by George Bernard Shaw – Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness.

It may not seem like greatness at the time, but doing what must be done, even if it is that “frog” job that no one else wanted, is what great people do.  Believe it or not, those are also the jobs most appreciated by the people who may have been in charge of the whole event, because they are the hardest to get volunteers to do.

Even if you don’t get accolades for the frog jobs that you do, keep in mind the words of Henry Ford – “There is joy in work. There is no happinesswoman working except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” So do the job and find the joy of having accomplished something; somethign that no one else wanted to do.

I know that this post is all about work and finding joy in doing the job; but, hey, it’s Monday and we all need a little encouragement to get going at work. Your frog is waiting! BON APPÉTIT!

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