How to rest easy…

“Fear can keep us up all night, but faith makes one fine pillow.”  (Philip Gulley), from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Many people live in world of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt); they are always anxious that some unknown bad thing is about to happen to them. In most cases, such fears spring from the creative well of our own minds. To pervert an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, we break it”, at least in our imaginations.

Knowledge can sometimes remove or lessen the fears; but, even equipped with the best knowledge about whatever it is that we fear, we are still able to conjure up “what, if” scenarios that exacerbate the situation. Fear is after all driven by the unknown – things about which we do not have complete knowledge.

Hope is also a strong counter-force to fears or uncertainty. One can hope that nothing goes awry.  People tend to use hope more to mask their fears than to deal with them. You can often still see fear in the eyes of those who are saying that they hope everything turns out alright.

So, if knowledge and hope are not enough to allay out fears, what is left? At the end of the day, it usually comes down to having faith, and being confident in that faith, that gets us through the crisis, whether real or imagined.  Faith is what is there when you have exhausted all else. Faith is what is there to lean upon when you finally conclude that you cannot do it by yourself. Having faith is not giving up, it is admitting that you need help and seeking that help in the only place left when you have come to the end of your rope.

I have a hard time even trying to imagine what those with no faith do when they have reached the end of their own wits. Where does one turn if they have turned away from faith? Where does one vest their hope if they do not have faith as an option? To whom (or what) do they go for the help that they need?

As for me, I prefer the comforting pillow of faith. It has helped me get to sleep on many troubled nights.




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