Gotta dance your worries away…

“The one thing that can solve our problems is dancing.”  (James Brown), as seen on the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

Snoopy had his happy dance and Ellen DeGeneres is famous for her dances on her show. Do you get happy feet, too? Dancing is a way of letting go and expressing yourself through the movement of your body It is usually done to the sound of music, but occasionally the music is in your head. If it is organized and rehearsed it is called choreography.

Women seem to be much more able than most men to just let themselves go and dance freely. Men onWomen dancing the dance floor can look like they’re struggling to get out of a potato sack (at least that’s what I imagine I look like trying to dance to modern rock music). Men seem prefer the slower songs that allow them to move slowly around the room while trying to maintain some dignity and decorum. Perhaps it’s just that the slow songs accommodate their otherwise stiff and stilted movements.

Women on the other hand seem to be able to get into the moment, feel the music and go with it. I’m reminded of the opening of the movie Flashdance, in which Jennifer Beals just goes wild with her dance club number. Young people too seems to be uninhibited in their dance, especially young child dancingchildren and teens. I recall enjoying the movies Saturday Night Fever, Foot Loose and Dirty Dancing, too; which were dancing oriented and fun. Here’s a link to a list of the top 20 dance movies ever, as ranked by Danciness (whatever or whomever that is).

Dancing is letting go and getting into the music. Sometimes we all just need to do that. So, if life is starting to weigh you down, put on some good tunes, kick off your shoes and let go – dance. It will be impossible to dance and worry at the same time, so let get into the moment and let your worries fade away. Maybe that’s what you need to start each day. People will wonder why you came to work with a smile on your face. Maybe you’ll need to dance when you get home. Put on the song “Gonna Dance the Night Away” and go for it.

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