Live life in the front row…

My Moto: Life is a roller coaster and I want to sit in the front row! – The Bubbly Speckle (ne – Evelyne Wyss

It’s Monday and we all need a little something to get us going and to kick off another week. I like this little saying (motto) from Evelyne Wyss. Evelyne liked one of my earlier posts and when I went to check out who she was this was posted as her motto on her WordPress blog. You can click on her blog page name above – the Bubbly Speckle – to go there and learn more about her.

If you watch TV for very long you’ll probably see commercials that feature roller coasters, usually withbusinessman on roller coaster some kid and her dad in the front row – she’s having a ball and he thinks he’s about to die and is holding on for dear life. I’m not sure when or exactly why that happens, but somewhere along the way as we transition from kids to adults, many of us lose the ability to have fun with abandon, without fear. I suspect that we become more aware of the risks and spend more time thinking of all of the bad potential outcomes and that spoils it for us.

Then, sometime later in life you begin letting go of those fears again and returning to childlike enjoyment of life. I’m not there yet, but I’m headed in that direction. Fortunately, I have a life mate who never was as caution as me and she has never stopped trying to get me to stop worrying and loosen up. It’s starting to work; although not as fast as she would like, I’m sure.

turtleSo, what about you? Do you still like to be in the front row, or do you try to avoid the roller coaster altogether? Have you become frozen by Fear, Uncertainly and Doubts (FUD) or do you dive in and take on whatever comes your way – hands up and screaming all the way. Does life thrill you or scare you? How do you handle the ups and downs? If life turns you upside-down from time to time, do you think, “what a hoot” or “I’m going to be sick”?

Just think for a minute how dull and boring the roller coaster ride would be if there were no hills, no loop-the-loops or no twists and turns. It would be like a long slow ride on a set of smooth train tracks across the prairies of America. Boring!

There are lots of bits of advice based upon the “life is a roller coaster” analogy. Just Google that, to see a few pages of quotes and advice about life as a roller coaster. The thing is, this ride called life is one roller coasterthat you are already on and it’s a long one; so, you might as well have fun.

So here we are on a Monday. Let’s all join Evelyne and get in the front row, hands up, screaming our fool heads off and enjoy the ride!




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