The sun is still shining…

“The day is cold and dark and dreary…Be still, sad heart!…Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.” – From Longfellow’s “Rainy Day” poem.

It’s one of those dreary and rainy days today in Michigan. Probably the worst aspect of the winters in Michigan is the cloud cover that seems to block out the sun for so long during the dead of winter. Every year we see stories in the paper and on the news about ways to get more sunlight, albeit artificial sunlight, during the winter in order to fight the winter blues.

I suspect that the real secret is to find a mental way to break through the clouds, like an airplanesun behind cloud does, even in winter, and see the sun on the other side. That can be true year around for people who let life’s little travails hang a cloud over their days. Sometimes it can be harder than others to fight through the clouds and get to the sun on the other side; but, as long as you have faith that it is still there, shining away, and keep trying to find that bright spot in your life, you’ll get through the darkness and see the sun on the other side.

For some the description of the darkness is not clouds but more like a dark tunnel. Pessimists will try to convince you that the light you see at the end of the tunnel is just a train headed your way and ready to smash you down again. Optimists may see the train too; but they will say, “Great now we don’t have to walk out of the tunnel. We can ride.”

So, whether you see the darkness that can descend from time to time as clouds or as a tunnel; just never forget that on the other side of the clouds and at the end of the tunnel , the sun is till shining. You just need to make it your goal to get above the clouds or to the end of the tunnel as fast as you can; so that you can see the sun. You’ll be surprised how fast things lighten up, once you fix your mind on the right goal. The sun (or Son if that fits better for you) never abandoned you; you just need to find your way back to it (or Him).  Have a blessed and sunny day!

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